A logo is designed for the places it will be seen and the people who see it. What it needs to communicate is equally important as how it’s viewed and by whom. A mark for an athletic event that will display on apparel will not follow the same style as one that circulates primarily via business card. Today, logos are created for temporary events, modified for annual affairs, and solidified for companies that wish to remain in business for a long time. The following logo designs were created for awareness runs, companies, corporations, institutions, national associations, and fundraising events.

Featured Identity Program

Older Americans Month 2014 Observance: Prior to our involvement with an evergreen identity program in 2016, Older Americans Month had a different theme each year. The logo was the launching point of that theme. In 2014 we created a mark that symbolized the nurturing nature of the theme we were promoting: “Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.” The mark communicated the protective measures that seniors can take today to continue to thrive for years to come.